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  1. Clary's 'rectal humour'

    Clary's 'rectal humour'

    How you feel about Julian Clary probably depends on how you feel about what's perhaps best described as "rectal humour".

  2. Raw power engages

    Raw power engages

    Agrim humour colours many of the scenes in this engrossing account of soldiers on the frontline and the emotional toll of their injuries as they try to recover back home.

  3. Ripper street art

    Ripper street art

    City walls the world over are increasingly being seen as canvases ripe for art. Many wear epic murals, some have seething political commentary and others human- scale images pasted, sprayed, painted and stencilled on.

  4. Piano shines in Sitkovetsky Trio

    Piano shines in Sitkovetsky Trio


  5. Guy Grey-Smith's art as life

    Guy Grey-Smith's art as life

    More than three decades after the death of Guy Grey-Smith, Art as Life has opened as the biggest retrospective of his work. This title is apt for an artist whose life became so deeply and seriously lived through the lens of art.

  6. Fine vitality in US suite

    Fine vitality in US suite

    Epitomising the brash, in-your-face nature of much of the orchestral music of 20th-century US, Leonard Bernstein's Symphonic Dances from West Side Story came across in high style. Here, the players of the West Australian Symphony Orchestra seemed positively to revel in Bernstein's lavish orchestration and gutsy climaxes. Throughout, the players sounded in their element especially the brass section with trumpeter Brent Grapes in exceptional form.

  7. Paco Pena shines light on flamenco
  8. Standover tactics work on stage


  9. Energy drives performance

    Energy drives performance

    Although for years after 1891, Dvorak's Eighth was known as the "English" symphony because it was linked to his being awarded an honorary doctorate in music by Cambridge University, it is drenched in the rhythms and harmonies of his native Bohemia.

  10. Streetcar a little off track

    Streetcar a little off track

    There's no doubt about A Streetcar Named Desire. Its impact on the American stage and its cinema, and the consequences of its writing and performance, are still with us 67 years after its debut.

  11. Promise from class of '14

    Promise from class of '14

    The first round of productions at the WA Academy of Performing Arts is like the first round of the footy season.



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