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REVIEW: Inside HBO s Game of Thrones
REVIEW: Inside HBO's Game of Thrones

Inside HBO's Game of Thrones
Bryan Cogman
Gollancz, $45 hardback

Those who have already watched the TV show will be somewhat disappointed by this book.

For all its detailed explication of the characters and plot, the naughty bits have been left out.

All the photographs have been carefully cropped to remain PG, and there's little evidence of the blood and gore that were a hallmark of the series.

The book is rich in photographs, however, and the stories of the designs, costumes and the initial concept of the series are useful.

Potted outlines of the various houses are here, and some indication of the grudges they hold against each other.

If you can accept its limitations, the book is a good, if overly simplified, introduction to a very complex world.

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