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Love of Perth focus of storytelling
Comedians and actors Andrea Gibbs and Kerry O’Sullivan. Picture: Bill Hatto/The West Australian

Perth may have its detractors but the crew at live storytelling night Barefaced Stories think it's time to show our State capital a bit of love.

Barefaced is teaming up with local website We Love Perth to co-produce a special edition of its sell-out monthly storytelling event at The Bird, with everyday people telling true stories about what they love about their home town.

"It's going to be a celebration of Perth," Barefaced producer Andrea Gibbs said. "I think people do a lot less whingeing these days because there's not a lot to whinge about. We have a great arts scene, small bar scene and we're lucky in Perth to have our outdoor scene two.

"Perth is the kind of city that provides a variety of options for work and play and people here have a healthy balance."

Six people from all walks of life will perform brief stories - from the funny, embarrassing and heartfelt to real tear-jerkers - followed by a "wildcard" element which allows audience members to put their name into a hat in the hope of getting picked for an impromptu performance.

Since starting more than two years ago, Barefaced has become a much-loved popular event and has also held a sell-out show hosted by Richard Fidler for ABC Radio National.

"Everyone has got a story and it really is a universal art form," Gibbs said.

"People get inspired by others telling their stories and really respect people who get up on stage and share things about themselves.

"Storytelling is authentic, unlike theatre where you wear a mask with storytelling there is nowhere to hide; it's the truth and the whole truth."

We love…Barefaced is on at The Bird in Northbridge on Tuesday, August 28 at 7.30pm with tickets available at the door.

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