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Book review: A Psychologist s Casebook of Crime
A Psychologist's Casebook of Crime

A Psychologist's Casebook of Crime
Edited by Bleinda Winder and Philip Banyard
Palgrave Macmillan, $62

Ever wanted to get inside the head of a real criminal?

Aimed at forensic psychology students, this most riveting and thought-provoking of textbooks should also be required reading for writers and readers of crime fiction.

The chapters proceed offence by offence, from arson through to domestic violence, fraud, internet sex offences, murder and more while following the same three-part structure: The offence - who, what, when why; theories and explanations; further information.

The authors, all experts in their field, use case studies such as Britain's most prolific serial killer, Dr Harold Shipman, without ever lapsing into academic-speak. Compelling and insightful.

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