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Samantha Jade with mentor Guy Sebastian. Picture: Supplied.

Perth songbird Samantha Jade is hoping Australians will give her another chance on The X Factor this week.

Disheartened to have been in the bottom two for a second time last Tuesday, the 25-year-old told AAA that she felt devastated that Australians didn't give her their support and that she had to face off against fellow singer, Angel Tupai, who was ousted last week.

"It was a horrible, horrible moment for us because we're really close friends so it was like going up against a sister," she said. "It's just such a bittersweet moment because it's so different without Angel, we got along so well."

Since Tupai's exit, Jade said she has been bombarded with "horrible comments" from people via Twitter, accusing her of having an advantage over the other contestants due to her previous record deal and her friendship with mentor Guy Sebastian.

"It's just so hurtful," Jade said. "I don't understand the mentality that you shouldn't get a second chance because I believe everybody should get a second chance. People like Katy Perry, she got dropped twice and got her third chance and Lady Gaga got dropped the first time and got a second chance.

"Obviously there is no special treatment, because I'm the only one from Guy's group who's been in the bottom two twice."

Though overwhelmed by the hatred, Jade said she was trying to stay positive by focusing on the support shown by her fans.

"Those people do out-shadow the mean ones," she said.

"I have a lot of support from Perth which is so nice, because that's my home and it's really nice to hear that you have the support of the people from your home town.

"I really do love those people, they're the only reason I get over the hate."

Jade will also be getting some family support in the audience this week, with her mum flying into Sydney to watch her perform at tonight's live show, which airs at 7.30 on Seven/GWN7.

"That'll be really nice, to have mum here when I'm feeling a bit down," Jade beamed.

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