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Carmelo regrets stalling studies
Carmelo Munzone from The X Factor

Carmelo Munzone says he is upset about putting his university studies on hold after his elimination from the smash-hit reality search The X Factor on Tuesday night.

Munzone, pictured right, was brought in as a last-minute replacement for Perth's Josh Brookes, who was disqualified from the show after a Twitter scandal, just two days before his first live show appearance.

"Everyone had a few weeks to prepare and it was a bit daunting. It was bit overwhelming at first," he told AAA yesterday.

While he survived his first live performance, the 23-year-old psychology student couldn't get the public behind him this week, much to the disappointment of his mentor Mel B.

"I'm so (annoyed) he's gone," the former Spice Girl said of the decision to save boy band Fourtunate, who have already been in the bottom two once before.

While Mel had grown fond of Munzone, he said it wasn't always that way and things started out "rocky" when she had to work with a last-minute replacement for Brookes.

"To be honest we started out pretty rocky," he said.

"After about a week or so we got along really well, we were hopefully quite good friends by the end of it."

After having to withdraw from university just two weeks ago to appear on the live shows, Munzone said he would now give music his full-time attention, until he could possibly resume his studies next year.

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