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Tantrum teen gets the axe
Adil Memon. Picture: Supplied.

He's already been labelled the "tantrum teen" but Gold Coast lifeguard Adil Memon has hit back at naysayers who believe his "bad attitude" resulted in his axing from Seven's hit singing quest, the X Factor, on Tuesday.

Speaking to AAA after his exit, the 18-year-old insisted that he didn't have an "attitude problem" but rather lacked the experience to deal with the pressure of the competition.

"It was a big thing for me to go from never singing before to getting on the stage in front of four thousand people," he explained. "It wasn't an attitude problem it was more of an experience problem. You can only learn to deal with that pressure with experience."

"I think sometimes when the pressure gets to me I sort of get in a weird head space but I know anyone that was around me at that time knows I wasn't in a tantrum and, especially being on a reality TV show, things do get magnified and its easy for people to think the wrong thing."

"People are entitled to their own opinion but as long as I know how I reacted and the people around me know that I know and care about know how I reacted then that's all right."

While Memon admitted he was "gutted" to become the first contestant ousted from the competition, he knew he faced stiff competition going up against Perth songbird Samantha Jade.

"I was hoping I would (get through) and the judges were giving me comments that were kind of indicating it could have been a possibility but at the end of the day, me and Sam are very different artists, she’s more suited to this competition," he said. "I'm gutted that it wasn't me who stayed but I wouldn’t wish my position right now on any of them."

Memon admitted it was hard to farewell fellow rivals Jason Owen and Perth's Josh Brookes, whom he had grown close to during the competition

"We all got very close, we were like family," he said. "When you spend so much time together you go through an emotional rollercoaster with each other so it's going to be different (without them). I'm going to miss them loads."

Despite being the first to go, Memon hasn't given up on the idea of launching a music career.

"I think I want to focus on my music now and try to make something out of it," he said. "I think X Factor has provided me with a platform that makes it a realistic option, so fingers crossed it all comes together. I really want to use this as a positive experience to launch my music career."

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