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All Star bad boys want second chance to shine
Paul McDermott and Tim Ferguson. Picture: Michael O'Brien/The West Australian.

Two members of legendary Australian musical comedy group the Doug Anthony All Stars have hinted that a reunion could be on the cards for the controversial trio and it may just start in Perth.

Comprising comedians Paul McDermott, Tim Ferguson and Richard Fidler, the trio enjoyed success in the late 80s and early 90s for their boundary-pushing performances before disbanding in 1994 to pursue other endeavours.

While in Perth as part of the Wild West Comedy Festival, McDermott told AAA he wasn't against the idea of reuniting with his former bandmates.

"It's definitely something we've been talking about today because we just seem to have a fluidity with each other, it's extraordinary," the former Good News Week host said.

"It's the history - we spent basically 10 years with each other."

Ferguson added the comedians constantly had been asked about getting back together.

"Re-forming the band is what a lot of greedy producers and promoters are begging us to do," he said.

"If we did, we would start here because this is where we did our final gig, at the Astor (Theatre)."

However, McDermott believes they might not be around if audiences back when the group formed had the same technology as they do now.

"If we'd done the things we did... if YouTube was around in the 80s, we would probably be in jail," he said.

"We did bad, bad things with crowds. And none of it I regret but I am glad there's not a lot of documentary evidence about it.

"I am glad the people didn't have iPhones."

McDermott will tonight perform his first solo show in Perth, Paul Sings, at the Astor Theatre, which features a back catalogue of songs from his time on Good News Week and beyond.

Ferguson's show Carry a Big Stick runs at *The Empyrean *until September 2 and, in his words, is a "hilarious look" at living with multiple sclerosis and his "absurd" entertainment career.

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