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James admits affair, says he is bad
Clive James. Picture: Supplied.

Broadcaster and writer Clive James has apologised to his wife for having an affair behind her back for eight years.

The Australian personality, who is battling leukaemia, has been thrown out of his marital home after his partner of 44 years, Prue Shaw, discovered earlier this year that he had cheated on her.

James, who reportedly had an eight-year affair with Leanne Edelsten, has now reached out to his wife through the press, admitting he has been a "terrible husband".

He tells Britain's Daily Mail: "My wife is very angry with me, so the situation is fluid. I deceived her and she's annoyed.

"She is not just within her rights, she is perfectly justified and I not only understand but I admire her.

"I'd like to say I love my wife and family very much and I am sorry that I have behaved so badly. I have great respect, admiration and love for my wife.

"I am a reprehensible character who needs to clean up his act.

"But I have already done a few things that may have justified my existence and, given time, I would do more.

"I don't think I was a bad father but I was a terrible husband, much to my regret. I deserve everything that has happened to me."

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