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Elton sues over tax avoidance story
Sir Elton John

Sir Elton John is suing the British newspaper The Times for libel over an article he claims falsely linked him to tax avoidance.

Legal papers obtained by the BBC claim a June article implied the rocker had been advised to engage in an immoral tax scheme by an accountant.

The Times bosses have since published a correction, acknowledging the accountant had never been employed by Sir Elton, but the Rocket Man's lawyer insists the four-line follow-up was "wholly inadequate".

In court documents, Sir Elton's lawyer, William McCormick QC, says: "The allegations are particularly damaging to the claimant's reputation in the sphere of charity fundraising."

Sir Elton's lawyers claim the article and the correction have caused "severe damage to his reputation and personal distress and embarrassment".

They are seeking damages for "the sense of insult and injury".

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