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Friends come to sticky end
Geoff "Sticky" Stick and Sam Hay from The Amazing Race Australia. Picture: Supplied by Seven.

Tasmanian flatmates Geoff "Sticky" Stick and Sam Hay had a feeling they would be the next team to go on The Amazing Race Australia after struggling to navigate their way through Cuba in last night's episode.

Even though pot-stirring brother-sister duo Grace and Joseph Caristo were given a time penalty for removing Sarah Roza and James Kingsbury's bags from a taxi during the Paris leg, the two high school buddies couldn't beat them to the final post.

"We pretty much knew we were the last ones to check in - we didn't have an ideal day," Stick told AAA yesterday.

"It was disappointing having the navigational side of things let us down."

"I'm feeling pretty dejected," Hay said."I thought we had what it took to make the final three and probably win the whole thing."

When asked what they thought about the feud between Roza and Grace Caristo, both Hay and Stick believed it had been blown out of proportion.

Stick said: "The thing that annoys us now is that on the race it didn't really seem to be that massive a deal.

"But ever since there is a massive media war going with Sarah holding a massive grudge for the last six months.

"I mean, it was a low thing to do but it happened more than six months ago so just get over it."

Hay agreed and added: "We're all friends now and (Roza) has sort of taken it out after the race and made a bit of an enemy out

of Grace."

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