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Simon Cowell has extracted light-hearted revenge on his former protegee Cheryl Cole.

Cowell was upset that his 52nd birthday last year was revealed to the world by Cole.

The Fight For This Love hitmaker famously sought revenge on her former boss after he axed her from the US X Factor, by sending a plane to fly over his Los Angeles home along with a banner saying, "Simon Cowell is 52 today! Ha ha ha! Love Cheryl".

The move angered Cowell, who didn't want anyone to know he was celebrating the milestone age - but he made sure the pop star was aware of her own advancing years as she celebrated her 29th birthday in Las Vegas on Saturday.

Cowell sent a plane over her hotel in Sin City and paid for the pilot to write a vapour message, which said, "Cheryl - Congratulations you're 30 next year! ha ha ha Love Simon".

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