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Bad habits die hard
Juck food will always be tempting

L *ara Welham *and *Brad Cranfield *are worried about what Australia might think of their bad habits now they will be on camera 24/7 after landing a place on Nine's reality renovation series The Block.

Last night, the NSW couple beat father-daughter team *Larry *and *Jessie Kleist * to make it through the second of the four elimination challenges to decide which four couples will have the chance to renovate four heritage-listed but dilapidated Melbourne terraces.

"He farts too much and he picks his nose a lot," Welham said with a laugh.

But Cranfield hit back: "Lara's big one is she is so messy. She has so many clothes and they are always all over the floor and it drives me nuts. That is probably is her worst trait."

Even though the down-to-earth couple, who have been together for over five years, have renovated three houses, they thought they had "stuffed up" during the elimination challenge and didn't expect to make it through.

"Brad and I definitely thought we were the ones going home," Welham, a PE teacher, said. "We did a few little mistakes and forgot a few little things in the room, so we didn't think we would have a chance whatsoever."

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