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Wayans disses unrhythmic Goodrem
The American comedian has dissed the Australian songstress in a humorous Instagram selfie.

Delta Goodrem has hit back after a selfie of her rocking out at the Beyonce and Jay Z concert taken by comedian Marlon Wayans went viral.

"Had a blast last night," she tweeted this morning, followed by a YouTube link to the infamous Elaine Dance from Seinfeld.

It all started after Goodrem was caught busting out some "unrhythmic" dance moves, according to Wayans.

The American comedian dissed the Aussie songstress in a humorous Instagram selfie during the "On The Run" tour in Los Angeles.

The snap, which has gone viral, shows Wayans with his eyes awkwardly raised as he watches a seemingly oblivious Goodrem groove along to the music.

"Man I got the most UNRHYTHMIC WHITE WOMAN dancing next to me at the jay and bay concert... This b**** dancing to AC/DC," he captioned the picture.

Wayans' followers - one of which is Goodrem - were quick to point out exactly who the 42-year-old actor was dissing.

"That b**** you're standing next to is one of Australia's famous singers," wrote one.

Others backed up Goodrem, while some laughed along with Wayans.

"On The Voice when she gets up and does her pathetic excuse of a dance and then press the button...I want to throw the remote through the TV!," one Instagrammer jibed.

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