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Wauhop in WA s corner
Miss Universe contestants have been training at the Hurt Locker with Renae Wauhop. Picture: Ben Crabtree/The West Australian

She's been putting local beauty queens through their paces for the past three years and Perth's fittest socialite Renae Wauhop thinks there's a strong chance WA will reclaim the Miss Universe Australia crown this year.

Last year saw Melbourne medical student Olivia Wells crowned winner at the national finals, ending WA's two- year reign as Miss Universe Australia with past winners Scherri-Lee Biggs and Renae Ayris competing on the world stage in 2011 and 2012.

Wauhop has again been set the task of whipping Miss Universe WA's Top 24 contenders into shape at Hurt Locker boxing gym in *Claremont * ahead of next month's State final and she told AAA she was impressed by this year's turnout.

"It's actually been the best year so far," Wauhop said. "We have probably had the most attendance this year and the girls are all really into it. They're just working really hard, it's awesome.

"I definitely think we have a winner this year. We have some really tough talent that would be hard to beat by the girls over east."

Wauhop said she was impressed by the dedication shown among this year's contenders considering that the fitness component of the Miss Universe WA program - which also includes Pilates sessions at the Pilates Fitness Institute of WA - is not compulsory.

"I've got them three times a week but they're coming to even more classes in their own time," she said. "They really have to push themselves to come on their own, so they have the choice of whether or not they want to do it.

"I've had the girls for the past three months and their bodies have changed so much. They look amazing."

Along with juggling her Miss Universe Australia training commitments at Hurt Locker, Wauhop decided to pursue studies at the Australian Institute of Fitness.

"I'm in full-time study at the moment to get my massage diploma," she said. "I'm going into the rehab side as well. I want to do the whole wellness side of things."

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