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Bieber s changed his name to what?
Justin Bieber, aka Bizzle, in the studio with hip hip star T.I.. Picture: Bizzle/Instagram

You would think he'd have more things to think about - but it appears Justin Bieber has changed his name, at least on Instagram.

The change appears to have happened over the weekend when the troubled pop star's Instagram account was deleted.

Now the reason has become apparent.

Meet Bizzle - the new Bieber Instagram identity.

The MailOnline reports the name change reflects the affect of P. Diddy on the 19-year-old singer and suggests he could be heading in a different musical direction.

Then again, maybe he's just doing it for a laugh.

Whatever the reason, there are more serious matters taking up his time.

As Justin Bieber, there is a looming court appearance on charges stemming from that drag race after which he was arrested and thrown behind bars for a short time.

Bieber has allegedly begged police not to release video footage of him urinating in jail.

He is due to appear in court in Miami on March 3 after being charged with driving under the influence, resisting arrest d driving with an invalid licence on January 23.

He is furious that footage of him being patted down while in custody was leaked online last week.

The Canadian singer's lawyers have now asked the court to block the release of any more footage of his arrest without showing it to them first, according to gossip website

His legal team claim that the footage paints Justin in a negative light and additional video from the jail shows the teenager in "various states of undress, which show intimate personal parts" of his body.

A law enforcement source confirmed that the 'Heartbreaker' hitmaker's "personal parts" are clearly visible in footage that shows him urinating in his holding cell.

The insider said: "Justin is seen several times stumbling around while he was taking his tests. As if he had a problem with his balance ... [the video] also shows Justin taking his various tests and eventually taking a p**s.

"The stumbling and going to the bathroom is obviously reason enough for his attorneys to request it be sealed ... If I was trying to paint a picture that my client was innocent ... I wouldn't want a video of him stumbling around and looking out of it to go public either."

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