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Lords are masters of the pratfall
Lords of Strut

Lords of Strut
Four stars
Circus Theatre
Review: Jordan Nix

Watch out 'Pert', Lords of Strut are back.

Irish fame-monster brothers Sean-tastic and Famous Seamus return to Fringe World, this time with a bigger tent and even bigger laughs. Thankfully, they're as talentless as ever and those hot pants just get smaller and smaller.

Lords of Strut is essentially a show within a show as we watch these bizarre, melodramatic Zoolander-cum-Jedward wannabes attempt to conquer the world by putting on a brilliant dance show. The dancing is terrible, particularly an over-the-top rendition of Total Eclipse of the Heart, but that's the point.

Throughout the show they also try and sell their own brand of male beauty products.

Dim-witted Seantastic (Cian Kinsella) is a likeable buffoon, easily distracted and his insistence on putting a keytar into the show is a constant pain to Famous Seamus (Cormac Mohally), a self-obsessed, deluded tragic with a viper tongue and the personality complex of a spoiled pageant princess.

Both have mummy issues, their father is non-existent and for most of the show they are downright terrible to each other. Whose side you take may depend on whether you think George Michael leaving WHAM was the best or worst thing he did.

To bring this untalented duo to life, performers Mohally and Kinsella show how talented they really are as both comedians and performers.

Mohally has no shame and bares way more than his soul, while Kinsella's Latin Jesus cameo almost steals the show. Put simply, these guys are hilarious.

It unravels at a lighting pace and relies largely on the pair's free-flowing banter but the show is also laced with moments of genuine acrobatics and skill that sneak up on you.

Just when you think proceedings couldn't possibly get any stranger comes the brother's cosmetic Piècede résistance: lubricant jelly for the lips. It's messy, it's slightly homoerotic and it's a whole other kind of bewildering.

At the beginning of the show we are warned the brothers are so good they sometimes shock their audience into silent awe. There certainly wasn't much silence from the incredibly receptive crowd, but there was plenty of awe.

Lords of Strut runs until February 2.

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