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Molly Meldrum thinks there is nothing wrong with Miley Cyrus' controversial antics.

The music media legend told AAA Weekend he thought Cyrus was just doing what all young pop stars had done before when having to grow up in the spotlight.

"I will defend Miley - she is trying to grow up," Meldrum said while in Perth for Telethon last weekend.

"I find nothing wrong with what Miley is doing - nothing."

The 70-year-old has been to his fair share of Telethons over the years and said he found the experience energising.

"It is so invigorating coming back to Perth," he said.

"I am so close to the Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne and seeing what Princess Margaret (Hospital) does here in every way and then watching all the West Australians donate all the money is just incredible."

Miley Cyrus caused a stir twerking alongside Robin Thicke at the MTV Awards earlier this year. Picture: Reuters

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