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She may be back on the market following the recent breakdown of her nine-year marriage but Michelle Bridges has flat-out denied rumours that she and fellow Biggest Loser trainer Steve "The Commando" Willis are an item.

Further reports claiming that they were "pursuing a relationship" surfaced in this week's Woman's Day, with the magazine splashing the pair on the cover with a headline "Perfect Match", and promising to reveal all about their new romance.

Insiders told the magazine that Willis and Bridges had an "electric" chemistry on the set of Ten's reality weight-loss series and that their interest for one another was "no way at all a shock to the contestants".

"Everyone started noticing a change," a source said of the pair's "spark" on set.

"They seemed to be sharing secret looks and had lots of in-jokes. As soon as they would leave, everyone would start talking about how they had been looking at each other all googly eyed."

But Bridges insisted that she and Willis - who just weeks ago confirmed his split from his partner of seven years - were just "great friends", although she did concede that they had grown closer following their respective break-ups.

"Steve and I have been great friends for a long time and we've become even closer since we broke up with our partners," she told Fairfax at the weekend.

"It's been good to have someone to talk to who is going through similar things as I am.

"I feel like we are helping each other get through this."

While the 42-year-old said she had tried to stay positive amid the rumours, she also confessed that reading the ongoing reports about her private life, particularly the new rumours of her romance with Willis, had been hard to deal with in light of her marriage problems.

"The constant speculation about my dating life since Bill and I broke up can be hurtful," she said.

And the constant talk implying there was something between her and Willis was making a difficult and emotional time even harder, she said.

On the recent paparazzi snaps that have emerged in gossip magazines suggesting that the two were "together", Bridges said that she had learnt to brush it off.

"I've learnt that the most mundane photograph can be used to try and paint a beat-up story, so I've chosen to just get on with it and try and pretend that they're not there," she said.

"My fans know the kind of person I am. I'm a head-down, hard-working girl who just gets on with it."

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