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Bruised Brynne battles on
Brynne Edelsten on Celebrity Splash.

Bubbly Melbourne socialite Brynne Edelsten never imagined having her own Australian-based reality TV show let alone diving headfirst into a pool from a 7m platform.

But when it came to deciding on whether or not she would sign up for Seven's new reality dive series, Celebrity Splash, the busty blonde, right, was running out of excuses to turn it down.

"I'm a girly girl, not a sporty girl, I've never been athletic," Edelsten said. "There's nothing glamorous about this show. I was like 'What about hair? What about make up? Is it waterproof?' Then I ran out of excuses so I thought 'OK you know what, I'm doing it'. But it has taken a toll on my body."

So much so that just hours before speaking, Edelsten - who last week voiced concerns about her breast implants exploding on impact with the water - suffered one of the worst falls since she began her dive training.

"Oh my gosh," she said. "It was the worst fall I've had yet. My stomach is like turning black and my right thigh is turning black."

Edelsten, who will dive in tonight's semifinal, said husband Geoffrey was very supportive of her competing on the show. "He's supportive of me whatever I do, so I'm very lucky", she said.

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