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Elle Peter, left, and Sunny Lungan. Picture: Ian Munro/The West Australian

You'd think that fighting a stranger in the boxing ring would be easier than facing off against a friend, but not for gal pals Elle Peter and Sunny Lungan.

The two Perth beauties will go head-to-head in the sold-out Royal Queensbury Corporate Championship match - also known as white-collar boxing - at Crown Perth's Grand Ballroom tonight.

And while they were feeling the pre-stage jitters in the lead-up to the charity fight, both had no qualms about getting down to business in the ring.

"It's probably worse going against someone you don't know," Peter told AAA. "We are good friends, but we will be putting that aside for the eight minutes that we're in the ring (laughs).

"Sunny has been great all the way through and I'm looking forward to celebrating with her afterwards."

Lungan agreed that going up against Peter was much more comforting than fighting a stranger.

"I think it's better because in the end, win or lose, we're still going to be friends and we'll always support each other," she said. "If I went up against a stranger, I'd probably feel a little hostile towards them."

But since signing up for the charity fight, the girls haven't had it easy. To prepare them for the ring, all participants are required to take part in a gruelling 10-week boxing program, which often means training up to nine times a week.

Peter admits it has been difficult trying to fit the tough cardio sessions around her full-time job but nonetheless has found it a rewarding challenge to cross off her bucket list.

"I think we're well prepped to deal with getting hit. To me, I don't think I could have trained any harder, I feel ready to get in there," she said.

For Lungan, doing the intense boxing program has brought on a major change of lifestyle which has seen the former Miss Universe WA contestant drop 6kg from her already petite frame.

"I thought I'd put on weight because I would be building muscle but I've lost so much weight and become so healthy, training up to nine times a week, doing Pilates and always constantly doing something," she said. "But I also felt the pressure to lose some weight because Elle is so much smaller than me. So I had that weight and height advantage to begin with and I wanted it to be an even match."

Though Lungan didn't make this year's top six Miss Universe WA finalists, she was proud with how far she had gone in last year's pageant - she made the top 12 nationally - and was happy to wave goodbye to her pageant-parading days.

"The first year I did it, I was really happy with where I ended up," she said. "I was a bit reluctant to sign up for a second year and I got carried away with it all but I'm really happy with how far I got in the first year, so I'll leave it with that."

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