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Celebrity Apprentice boss Mark Bouris.

Celebrity Apprentice boss Mark Bouris said he was shocked to have to step in and stop two personalities from coming to blows during the filming of the show.

Bouris told AAP the fiery exchange between two male celebrities on the Nine Network reality series really caught him off-guard.

He said the cameras had to stop rolling after the incident had the potential to explode.

Bouris said the confrontation appears in episode three and makes Jason Akermanis's temper tantrum in 2012 look minor.

He compared the dust-up to Meatloaf's epic US Celebrity Apprentice meltdown during an art exercise when he physically threatened Gary Busey.

"It's between two of the boys and it's very serious, in fact so serious I had to break it up," Bouris told AAP.

"It was out of control. We had to stop filming and it took about two hours to resolve."

Bouris did not name the two culprits but he did mention that Sydney PR hound Roxy Jacenko took no prisoners in her quest to climb above the pack.

"Roxy ruffles a few feathers," he said.

The Voice singer Prinnie Stevens, who is one the 14 celebrities, referred to Jacenko when she compared one of the contestants to the American version's serial villain Omarosa.

"We do have an Omarosa on the show and it's not me," Stevens told AAP.

The third season of Celebrity Apprentice starts on Nine on Tuesday and some of the bigger names on the series are sporting champions Jeff Fenech, Dawn Fraser and Stephanie Rice.

There is a lot more boardroom action during this series and despite the egos - some very inflated - Bouris says he often has to keep reminding the celebrities why the show exists.

"This is about raising money for charity and not about themselves," Bouris, who does not get paid for the series, says.

It's the third time Bouris has been the "boss" of the Australian version of the series.

Unlike billionaire Donald Trump, who thrives on his role as the boss in the original US version, Bouris has only one reason for enjoying firing the celebrities.

"We raise millions for charity and that's a big deal for me and that's what they (the celebrities) have to get their heads around," he said.

"There's no money in this for me."

Celebrity Apprentice premieres on Tuesday, April 30 at 8.40pm on Nine.

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