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My Kitchen Rules judge Manu says the soap opera atmosphere of the series is detracting from what the show is supposed to be about: food.

Feildel said the personality clashes and heated exchanges between contestants was disappointing and he and fellow judge Pete Evans steered clear of the drama during filming.

"The show to me is about the foods," Feildel told AAP.

"It's nature for people to follow the human side of things rather than the food and that is a bit negative for me."

Sydney amateur chefs Sophie and Ashlee are portrayed as the antagonists following several confrontations with other contestants.

They have made enemies easily with their brutal assessments about their competitors and in turn have drawn the wrath of several eliminated couples.

Earlier in the series it was the "Spice Girls" Jessie Khan and Biswa Kamila who made tempers boil and their raw comments had social media buzzing.

"It's funny that people are getting into it that way more than the cooking," Feildel said.

"I do the job I do because I love it and not to create controversy.

"A lot of people think Pete and I are producing the show, but we are only there sitting around a table eating and thinking about food."

MKR has been a ratings success for the Seven Network this season, mostly winning its timeslot.

Over the past two nights it has been beaten by the return of the Nine Network's The Voice but even then MKR still pulled 1.4 million and 1.5 million viewers on Sunday and Monday respectively.

Feildel stocks are rising as well. His management is in talks with Seven about a possible spin-off show or two, including one that may involve his native France.

"There are things in the pipeline but nothing has been signed," Feildel said.

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