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MKR pair in tears over hurtful reaction
Lisa and Candice Clarke. Picture: Sharon Smith/ The West Asutralian

Lisa and Candice Clarke have been deeply hurt by the public's reactions towards them since they began appearing on My Kitchen Rules.

The Joondanna mother-daughter team, who are both high school teachers, have polarised viewers of the smash-hit Channel 7 reality cooking show, which eliminated them on last night's episode.

"If you go on social media, it is quite sickening to your stomach to hear what people say about you," Candice said.

"You know we had a parent call my school to say 'please withdraw my child from your class' and that is when I cried last week."

An anti-bullying advocator, Candice said the taunts about her appearance, personality and cooking skills had been tough on her.

"You don't want to be bullied and it does make you a bit upset," she said.

"Usually I am on the other side, telling my poor students everything will be fine.

"But now I am being bullied, and it is a bit ironic because my kids are telling me 'don't worry Miss, you are beautiful, you are lovely'."

Lisa said she tried to ignore the negative responses on social media but an article in a South Australian publication at the weekend had her in tears.

"She (the reporter) says MKR teaches you lessons and we are such bitches that we are the lesson - don't be like them and have a bit of humility. I cried for three hours and couldn't go out."

Candice added: "The things that have hurt are when people say you should be ashamed to be teachers and that she (Lisa) is a terrible mother.

"Bag our cooking, bag what we look like, even though we are dressed the same on purpose, but when that parent called (my school) I cried and when they say you (Lisa) are a bad mother, and how could you let your daughter go on this show and dress like you, that really hurts."

When they filmed their part on the show, the pair said they had no idea they would be perceived as "villains".

"We never say anything personal. We don't criticise anyone's hair or make-up. We only talk about the food," Lisa said.

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