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Q&A: Pretty Peepers: The Untraditional Cabaret
Q&A: Pretty Peepers: The Untraditional Cabaret


Will be in Perth from: 29/1Will be leaving Perth on:3/2


What word best describes your show?

Psychedelic* OK, now you've got 50 words - please elaborate on the above.

A creative, humorous and demented trip into the underbelly of the human psyche. It's burlesque with brains, campy comedy & absurd theatre brushed with the beautiful,the dark,the joyful and the sparkly.

Dismantling of archetypes,gender and sexuality

  • Where have you performed the show?

Melbourne fringe festival and home town runs throughout Sydney.* How did you get into performance?

From being an exhibitionist in nightclubs and staging spontaneous happenings in the early 90s I was asked by a promoter if I would like to get paid and actually do a performance. I was also working as a stripper and the two mediums kinda fused to create the style and genre I perform in now. A hybrid strip art that was to eventually be known as burlesque.* Career highlight?

Starting Australia's 1st burlesque club, Gurlesque ran for 10 very successful years.* What does "fringe" mean to you?

Apart from a hairstyle it's a fabulous way to connect with audiences and artists from all over the world. Kinda like a pickup joint of creativity for artists. Hubba Hubba !!!* Know much about Perth? (Visiting acts)

I've never been to Perth and can't wait to spread the love and my legs for the west coast

  • Why is your show at Fringe World a must-see?

It will be a spectacular showcase of east Coast bent theatrical burlesque/vaudeville that is totally

unique to the world. It's a Sydney style ,a unique story telling and social satire wrapt up in glitter, kitsch, color and pizazz. I can actually promise wouldn't have seen anything like it :-)

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