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Getting up close and personal
Getting up close and personal

Getting up to no good since the day they were born, Bernadette Byrne and Victor Victoria comprise EastEnd Cabaret, one of the more curious acts making their Perth debut at Fringe World.

After taking their act to Adelaide and Melbourne last year, the East London duo bring their sex and booze-fuelled Notoriously Kinky show to _The West Australian _Idolize Spiegeltent with an aim to educate audiences, as well as shock them.

"Audiences can expect to laugh at bedroom mishaps, unexpected hangovers and various methods for deflowering virgins," Byrne hints, "and I may sit on a lap or two throughout the show." "She will," adds Victoria. "If you don't like physical contact, I suggest you sit near a door."

The reason they take their risque material, free usage of kazoos, and Victoria's gender- bending appearance up close and personal with the onlookers, is usually a result of Byrne getting bored with her partner.

"Well considering I only have Victy to work with, sometimes I need new inspiration on stage," she says. "I can just look into someone's eyes and know they will be brilliant."

Sometimes they get more than they bargained for, as the duo recall one audience member who got a little too excited at a recent show and revealed himself to the crowd. "We didn't actually notice at the time, as he was behind us," says Victoria. "He continued dancing and I only saw it as he left the stage."

Who can blame such onlookers for their over- excitement? After all, EastEnd Cabaret includes many a steamy number in their show, such as their Russian-style accordion version of the Right Said Fred classic, I'm Too Sexy, and a ukulele take on Madonna's Like a Virgin, as well their ode to public self-satisfaction on Danger Wank, an original song based on experience. "The art of the danger wank is subtle, almost zen-like. I myself am a master. I have been practicing for years. You must be alert, and yet relaxed, and wary of precarious or low-hanging branches in the local park," explains Victoria before Byrne chimes in, "But really there are only benefits, darling. It is exciting, dangerous and just a little naughty!"

With all of their songs based on real-life experiences, Byrne says Australian audiences easily related to them on their last trip south. "They embraced it, but some people were taken aback at first," says Victoria before Byrne once again finishes her sentence. "As any sane person would be. But before the show was over, the Australians were giggling about ping pong balls and swapping disastrous dating stories of their own."

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