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British singer-songwriter *Jackie Trent *found fame Down Under almost 30 years ago by co-penning the Neighbours theme song and, despite not being back to the country for eight years, she says she still considers Australia her home.

Along with her ex-husband *Tony Hatch *, Trent was one of the most celebrated songwriters of the 1960s and wrote more than 300 songs for artists including *Petula Clark *, *Dean Martin *and *Frank Sinatra *.

However, it wasn't until the 1980s when the couple relocated to Australia that they wrote their most well-known tune, the theme song for Neighbours.

Trent now divides her time between Spain and the Caribbean but while in Australia this month for some guest radio spots, including *Perth *'s Capital 101.7FM, the 72-year-old said she was seriously considering moving back to the country for good.

"I'm an Australian citizen, I've got my little Aussie passport," Trent said.

"And when I am back here, I feel like I am home."

Part of her patriotism stems from her involvement with Australia's longest-running soap opera, which was originally to be called Ramsay Street before the famous theme song was composed.

"We wrote the song as Neighbours because we said Ramsay Street was too close to Coronation Street, which was the major soap in Britain," Trent explained.

"We wrote and recorded it in a day. We called in *Barry Crocker *at about 10pm to put his voice on it and it was on the producer's desk by 10am the following morning. And they loved it, so the series was then called Neighbours."

Other hits penned by the duo include Don't Sleep in the Subway, recorded by Clark and Sinatra, and self-performed song The Two of Us, which went to number one in Australia.

Trent, who has remarried following her 2002 divorce from Hatch, said while life had slowed down in recent years, she would not be retiring anytime soon because there were still opportunities coming her way.


'I'm an

Australian citizen, I've got my little Aussie passport, and when I am back here, I feel like I am home.'

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