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Larger than life
Larger than life

Many a St Jerome's Laneway Festival ticket holder's wish was answered when Of Monsters and Men were added to the Perth date last month. The Icelanders have had a breakout year thanks to their lush, expansive indie folk music, particularly the hit Little Talks, which is likely to rank high on the Triple J Hottest 100 come Australia Day.

Co-singer/guitarist Nanna Bryndis Hilmarsdottir says she didn't think her song, the first single the band ever released, would take on such a life of its own in 2012.

"The thing is that when we first started off we were recording our demos, and we recorded Little Talks then and From Finner, and we had a discussion about what song we should put on the radio," she reflects.

"We chose From Finner because we thought that one was better than Little Talks, and then the radio was like 'No we're going to play Little Talks.' I don't think we ever really realised how crazy it would get with Little Talks."

The song has since sold more than 140,000 copies in Australia and millions more around the world, been remixed by the likes of Passion Pit and just taken out the iTunes Alternative Song of the Year award. Now the young band has been touring non-stop, and members are adapting to their new life.

"I think we've adapted well," Hilmarsdottir says. "It's a totally different lifestyle. I didn't necessarily imagine myself ever doing this, and same with the guys. It's great, and it's very different to our old lifestyle where it was go to school, go to work and go to sleep at normal hours."

Now that their album, My Head is an Animal, has been out for more than 15 months in their native land, they've been repeatedly asked about their follow-up but, as Hilmarsdottir states, they're in a very different mindset to the one they were in two years ago. "When the album was written, we were just bored at home basically, and we had all the time in the world," she says.

"We had no pressure and we weren't really thinking about anything, and the album came out of that and just having fun. We try to find time whenever we can to write, so we're not like bored any more, because there's so much to do. So the new songs are going to be interesting."

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