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Dannii Minogue's son speaks several languages, according to the celebrity.

The Australian star thinks her two-year-old son Ethan is a linguistic genius and she is teaching him Spanish, Chinese and Italian before he has even fully mastered the English language.

"He is talking a lot. He's very good with languages so my friends who speak different languages are speaking to him," Minogue said on British chat show Lorraine.

"From TV shows he's learning different languages - there's one with a bit of Spanish, another one with Chinese in it so he's like, 'Ni Hao'.

"And when my Italian friend speaks to him he says, 'Ciao'. He's brilliant."

The 41-year-old Project D designer also admitted she doesn't go to the gym much these days because being a single mother gives her all the exercise she needs.

Minogue - the sister of pop megastar Kylie Minogue - also revealed her top health tip is drinking a special type of milk.

"I don't do any fitness. Because I don't train or work out, I'm just lifting the baby, that's my weights workout.

"I do watch what I eat. I discovered this milk in Australia called a2, it's been a huge success there and it's coming over here.

"It's not GM modified. They're just special cows. I actually think they're in a field with a red rope around them and sunglasses. Possibly like Jesus."

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