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Rinehart s in Vogue
Bianca Rinehart and her mother Gina Rinehart at the Hope Downs prospect in the Pilbara. Picture: Barry Baker.

Bianca Rinehart is striking a pose for Vogue.

The estranged daughter of Australia's richest person Gina Rinehart has recently shot a fashion shoot in WA Pilbara region for leading fashion publication, Vogue Australia.

Vogue Australia editor Edwina McCann confirmed this week Ms Rinehart wore RM Williams boots and an assortment of European designs suring the shoot which took place where Bianca's late grandfather Lang Hancock discovered the iron ore deposits which have created extraordinary wealth for her mother.

And McCann confirmed Bianca was anything but a diva on set.

"Look, we've had it all when it comes to divas, but the crew fell in love with Bianca - there was nothing precious about her at all," McCann told The Australian.

"She really wanted to show how beautiful it is, how great the people are... it was obvious to our crew that the locals like her a lot," she added of Bianca's choice to shoot in the Pilbara.

The accompanying interview, which will hit news stands next week, will be the first time Bianca has spoken out since she and two of her siblings took court action against their mother last year.

McCann said the interview was "personally revealing".

"Bianca spoke about her connection with that land in particular, all the time she spent with her grandfather and her upbringing, which was not always happy," McCann said.

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