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Millionaire Geek revealed
Millionaire Geek Nathan Hoad

It was a mystery that had the geeks and the beauties stumped - who was the secret millionaire among them in the Beauty and the Geek residence?

After weeks of speculation and wild guesses, the question was finally answered last night with computer tech Nathan Hoad, right, revealed as the elusive moneybags.

And while some might expect the 25-year-old to get a little more attention from the ladies now, Hoad told Access All Areas that he was more bemused than anything when the beauties suddenly expressed interest in his life.

"I had that sort of intrigued response from pretty much everyone who was suddenly very interested in having a chat," he laughed.

But as many would have seen, Hoad is far from being a jetsetting, bling-ridden playboy. In fact, he describes himself as a shy, passionate guy who "lives, thinks and breathes technology".

And, unsurprisingly, it was his timid personality that propelled him to apply for the Seven reality show.

"Pretty much my whole life, I've been super shy and reserved so I was kind of hoping to get out of my shell, I guess," he said.

At 25, Hoad admits he hasn't had much luck with love.

His only relationship ended on bad terms after he found his girlfriend had cheated on him.

"I was pretty shy to begin with but I think that set me back even further," he said.

But he hopes that by opening up to the beauties, he can get a few tips on how to be more relaxed and confident around women.

"They do give me tips all the time," he said.

"I do feel like my confidence has started to improve but seeing previous seasons, everyone seems to go through massive transformations, so I was hoping to have something like that."

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