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Rivers: Jolie should dress better
Joan Rivers. Picture: Supplied.

Joan Rivers claims Angelina Jolie dresses as if she is "meeting the pope".

The famously outspoken TV personality is never afraid to slam a celebrity's sense of style. Rivers was quick to criticise Jolie's provocative one-leg pose in a black velvet Atelier Versace gown at the Oscars earlier this year.

Now she has tweaked Jolie again, bemoaning the beauty's lack of sexy outfits.

"Everyone took her to task with that photograph with the leg out, but to me it looked as if she had a terrible yeast infection and she was trying to air it out. It was hilarious!" Rivers quipped to British magazine Heat.

"Nowadays she wears such long, flowing outfits, she looks like she's coming from a meeting with the pope."

Shortly after the Oscars, Rivers branded Jolie's suggestive stance as fake and rehearsed and even posed with a prosthetic limb to mock the Hollywood star.

The 79-year-old Fashion Police star has no regrets about her straight-talking nature.

"I just say what I want to say," she explained. "I have nothing to lose."

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