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Theatre Review: Dr Brown and the Singing Tiger
Dr Brown Brown Brown Brown Brown and his Singing Tiger. Picture: Supplied.

AWESOME Festival — Dr Brown and the Singing Tiger

Spiegeltent until October 15

For parents, taking the offspring to one of those school holiday fun shows can be a bit of a chore. Often, even the kids don't really seem to get much out of it. Let me make it clear that Dr Brown and the Singing Tiger is not one of those shows.

This two-man performance is aimed squarely at the lower primary school age demographic and these guys had the young folk rapt. But their appeal transcends age groups and the adults in the audience found plenty to keep them grinning.

It's a simple concept. The Singing Tiger is a kind of narrator and he guides us through a day in the life of Dr Brown with the help of his ukelele and some silly rhymes. Dr Brown emerges from his bag for a mishap-strewn breakfast and proceeds to fumble and stumble his way through a series of choices to make up his event-packed day.

Dr Brown doesn't speak but he and the Tiger rely on some classic visual cues and physicality to keep the audience entranced.

There was a fair degree of improvisation and a lot of audience participation, especially from one dad who enjoyed his moment in the spotlight for a game of tennis and an impromptu karaoke session. There was a bit of gross-out fun involving Nutella as the Doc changes his baby's nappy and some sports action as he tries his hand at golf and tennis. The whole thing peaks in a near-spectacular bike stunt involving practically the entire young audience on the stage.

There's a lot of madness, plenty of chaos and nonstop fun.

My advice is to find a young person and convince them they need to see Dr Brown and the Singing Tiger. Then you'll have an excuse for a refreshing burst of school holiday laughs.

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