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Beauty and brains
Beauty and the Geek cast.

After three seasons one would think the Beauty and the Geek Australia casting team would be scraping the barrel for bimbos and brains befitting the small-screen social experiment.

But this year the makers of the cult Seven show have outdone themselves with a colourful cast epitomised by beauty Bre, who proclaims Barbie is her god.

"I don't really follow any religion but I guess if I was to follow a religion, Barbie would be my god as she's done great for the world," she states.

Then there's Kim who has more clothes than anyone she's met and Millie, a lass "addicted" to cutting her split ends. On the other end of the spectrum is Dane, a competitive lawn bowls player, insect collector Matt (he's the one who roars in the TV ad), a whole bunch of computer-playing, bespectacled geeks and, of course, the much-discussed secret millionaire.

This year not only are 10 new beauties and 10 new geeks embarking on the journey of a lifetime, but host of the Seven show, Bernard Curry, is also on an odyssey of self-discovery.

Curry and his wife, Sonya, with their two sons, two-year-old Fox and six-month-old Banjo, moved to Los Angeles almost two years ago so the actor and presenter could expand his career.

"Life has been really hectic. We've moved to America, we've got a newborn baby and a toddler - I can't see how it can get any harder," he says over the phone, not long after filming for the series wrapped.

"I figure if you're going to make something hard for yourself, you might as well make it really hard and see how you go.

"In the eye of the storm you find out who you are as a person, I think."

Curry had a good pilot season earlier this year and landed a recurring role as an NBA player manager in new VH1 series Bounce, which stars former Lois and Clark actor Dean Cain. He also has a role as a baddie in NCIS.

But the former Home and Away star says he relishes the opportunity to head home to Australia each year for Beauty and the Geek.

"It has been pretty tough for us over there," he says of the US.

"My management team in the States are more than happy for me to come home and film for a few months.

"It never really feels like I'm going to work when I'm going to a mansion every day."

Filming started at the start of July and wrapped last month.

Curry says it's important to keep the show as fresh as possible in its fourth season.

"There's always a bit of a twist each year," he says. "Last year we had Troy and Helen, the male beauty, female geek.

"This year we have a geek in the mansion who is a bona fide millionaire who has made quite a lot of money in a computer-style arrangement.

"It set the cat amongst the pigeons with the beauties and opens up the philosophical question of what people find attractive and why."

This year, geeks will take part in an action-packed Bond challenge, some fashion photography, flirting lessons and wrestling as part of their bid for the $100,000 prize.

"I know for a fact this year all of the challenges haven't been borrowed from any other series in Australia or across the world," Curry explains.

Beauty and the Geek starts on Thursday, October 4 at 8.30pm on Seven/GWN7.

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