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Jake copped beatings
Actor Jake Gyllenhaal (R) and Michael Pena in End of Watch. Picture: Reuters/Scott Garfield/Open Road Films/Handout.

Actor Jake Gyllenhaal received a daily beating from teenagers in martial arts training while preparing for new film End of Watch.

The actor had to undergo a gruelling exercise regime to bulk up for the movie, in which he and co-star Michael Pena play cops who become targets for gangsters after confiscating money and guns from a notorious cartel during a routine traffic stop.

Gyllenhaal spent months hitting the gym to get in shape, but he was still no match for the youngsters he had to go up against while at a Kenpo karate school in Los Angeles.

"Five days a week we would go to Echo Park to this dojo run by the best friend of *David Ayer *, the writer/director, and Michael and I would fight these 14 to 20-year-old kids. I don't even have a fight scene in the movie but the director wanted me to get into that attitude, of what it was like to get beaten up or get into a fight," he says.

"We simulated that every morning so I was constantly sore and in pain getting hit in the face and body.

"So, for five months before I started shooting, I had the crap beaten out of me."

The fight training wasn't the only part of the movie preparation that hurt - the actor recently revealed he was zapped by a stun gun as part of a painful bonding experience with the rest of the cast.

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