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Lincoln likes tough times
Demi Harman and Lincoln Younes on Home and Away. Picture: Supplied.

Home and Away star Lincoln Younes says that surf gang The River Boys have breathed new life into Seven's long-running soap. The 20-year-old, who plays youngest Braxton brother Casey, is currently in the middle of a dramatic storyline which saw him kill his father Danny in a botched robbery and he is now facing jail

Younes told Access All Areas that since the Braxton brothers arrived in Summer Bay in early 2011, they had brought many twists and turns to the show.

"I think the writers have found a new kind of inspiration through The River Boys," he says. "I think there's that new energy so they just want to keep the momentum going, which they certainly are."

Despite the fast-paced tempo, Younes says he is committed to making Home and Away as believable as possible.

"At the end of the day it is a soap, and we are as aware of that as the audience is," he says.

"Obviously there is a bit of creative leniency with realism but the stuff coming up we made as real as we could. Certainly from an acting point of view, it was as real as it actually happening. It makes it harder for the actors and directors but it's worth it."

This hasn't always been easy, though, with Younes' character Casey embroiled in one scandal after another.

He's been expelled from school, done a stint in juvenile prison, had an affair with a teacher and is now dealing with the aftermath of shooting his father.

However, Younes hinted his character was heading for a positive resolution in the near future.

"At the end of this big arc there's definitely a growing up stage for Casey where he realises that all of these things he's gone through that are hard for any person to go through, let alone a kid, strengthen him and make him realise who he wants to be," the actor said.

Home and Away airs today at 7pm on Seven/ GWN7.

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