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Urban on unfamiliar album
Keith Urban

Keith Urban relishes unfamiliar territory

Keith Urban hopes the "total unfamiliarity" surrounding his upcoming album will make for his best record to date.

The Australian country music star is collaborating with new producers and songwriters in recording studios where he has never previously worked.

Urban hopes the untried territory will result in an album unlike anything he has released before.

"I wanted to have everything around me be totally unfamiliar to me, and I think it's great in a sense that all sorts of stuff is coming out that I normally haven't done before," he has told

"It just isn't easy to do. But it just feels very, very strong in me to do it. I am putting a tour on next year, but it won't be early in the year, so there is somewhat of a need for an album sooner than later. But I just would like for the album to be right."

Urban is excited about a song he recently wrote with producer Jay Joyce and Jeremy Spillman. The session was an "exhilarating" experience, says the 44-year-old singer, who married Australian Oscar-winner Nicole Kidman in June 2006.

"The song is a bit of my journey over the last six years, my transition," Urban said.

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