Cutting an oat crop originally intended for a grain harvest may not produce top-quality export hay.

Western Australia's oat deliveries into the CBH system could reach 315,000 tonnes this harvest, with potential for an additional 600,000 to be grown by 2020.

There are more than 250,000 flowering plants on Earth, but until now, the only foolproof way to identify them was to ask your friendly neighbourhood botanist.

The western panel of the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) starts a new two-year term next month with the recent appointment of the 11-person panel for 2015-17.

The Grains Industry Association of WA has recommended segregations for Hindmarsh barley be phased out from the 2016-2017 harvest, in favour of newer malt barley varieties.

Wilgoyne farmer Steve Palm is relishing the sight of his green healthy crops, amid his wettest season in almost two decades.

Trials in the eastern Wheatbelt are investigating ways to manage spot type net blotch, a disease prevalent in second-year barley crops.

A yardstick trial run adjacent to a National Variety Trial is attempting to provide more information on how varieties perform in the tough environment of the eastern Wheatbelt.

CBH's Pre-Pay Advantage tool has surged in popularity, with more than $100 million provided in pre-harvest funds to WA growers this year.

CBH will introduce APW1 segregation on a permanent basis from the coming harvest and will phase out the APW2 grade from the 2016-2017 season.

A substantial shake-up at the Grains Research and Development Corporation will see the Canberra-based organisation have a bigger presence in the regions, including WA.

Hybrid canola breeds with selective agronomic traits are now offering farmers greater flexibility within their total farming system.

Australian canola growers lag at least 400kg/ha behind their Canadian counterparts, and the productivity gap between the two countries is widening.

Corrigin Farm Improvement Group chairman Simon Wallwork highlighted the benefits of grower groups at the recent Grower Group Alliance annual conference in Perth.

A prediction of potential wheat yields in individual Shires has shown a marked jump in productivity levels in the north-eastern Wheatbelt.

The 6mm of rain which fell on the Duranillan property of Sheila and sons John and Doug Rutherford last weekend offered a welcome reprieve for what has been one of the driest seasons the family can …

Pingelly farmer Ray Marshall has been elected to the board of national grains representative body Grain Producers Australia.

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