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  1. Anro studmaster passes away

    Anro studmaster passes away

    Stud Merino and Border Leicester sheep stalwart Robert Keamy has died, after a long battle with cancer.

  2. CBH agrees to freight changes

    CBH agrees to freight changes

    CBH has agreed to an enforceable undertaking with the competition regulator that further reduces its hold on the State’s lucrative grain freight business.

  3. Challenge to Rinehart station bid

    Challenge to Rinehart station bid

    An all-Australian rival bid to Gina Rinehart’s claim to the Kidman & Co cattle empire believe their offer is superior because all profits would remain local.

  4. Brownes cuts farmgate price

    Brownes cuts farmgate price

    After cutting three producers from its contracts, Brownes appears to have slashed its farmgate milk price for selected suppliers.

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