1. Protest against anti-protest bill

    Protest against anti-protest bill

    Mid-West farmers were last week out in force, joining other groups at Parliament House to demonstrate their objection to anti-protest laws being debated in State Parliament.

  2. Wheat out of favour

    Wheat out of favour

    The Marshalls of East Pingelly have started seeding, but for the first time in 70 years, they will not be putting wheat in.

  3. Spades are trumps at Brookton

    Spades are trumps at Brookton

    The earth is moving at Mt Kokeby, where ripping and spading are being carried out ahead of seeding.

  4. Recognition for rain recordings

    Recognition for rain recordings

    Merredin farmer Eric Doncon's diligence to rainfall recordings has been recognised with two BOM awards,

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