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EOS wins $5.1m weapons contract
Remote Weapons Stations on Australian ASLAV vehicles in Baghdad. Picture: ADF

Canberra defence and electronics company Electro Optic Systems has won a $5.1 million contract for the manufacture and delivery of remote weapons systems.

The company didn't identify the buyer, other than to say it was an existing customer.

EOS defence systems chief executive Mark Bornholt said the order was for the company's most advanced remote weapon system model which would be fitted onto a specialist armoured engineering vehicle.

He said that order would be filled in EOS production facilities in Australia and the US.

"This product has been in reliable production in a similar configuration for more than 18 months and no changes to our supply chain or production processes will be required," he said in a statement.

"This order will see integration testing in 2013 and production in 2014."

A remote weapons system allows a soldier inside an armoured vehicle to operate an externally-mounted machine gun, sighting by way of a small TV screen and aiming with a computer joystick.

EOS remote weapons systems are in use on Australian, US and other nations' armoured vehicles.

In August the company missed out on the multi-billion contract to supply the US military with the latest generation remote weapons systems.

EOS chief executive Dr Ben Greene said the new contract was particularly satisfying as it was from an existing defence customer.

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