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German Chancellor Angela Merkel has warned that "every day" counts in efforts by debt-wracked Greece to comply with its commitments and safeguard its eurozone membership.

"In this context, every day counts now to really strengthen efforts and apply what has been promised," Dr Merkel told ARD public television on Sunday when asked about how confident she was in Prime Minister Antonis Samaras.

Mr Merkel said much confidence had been lost ovr the past two-and-a-half years and reiterated the need to now wait for a progress report, due next month, by Greece's international creditors.

"Like others I have said to the Greek prime minister that there is still a lot to do," she said.

As part of a 130-billion-euro ($A157 billion) bailout package from the EU and the International Monetary Fund, Greece has committed to sweeping reforms and some 11.5 billion euros of cuts in 2013 and 2014.

A positive report from the so-called Troika - the European Commission, IMF and the European Central Bank - is essential for Greece to get the next 31.5 billion euro instalment of funds to keep it afloat.

After some members of her centre-right coalition have spoken publicly of a possible Greek exit from the eurozone or have appeared sceptical over a solution, Dr Merkel said Europe was "in a decisive phase".

And she cautioned that everyone should "pay attention" to what they say.

The German chancellor offered Greece a ray of hope on Friday, stressing she wanted it to stay in the eurozone and pledging German help after talks with Mr Samaras in Berlin.

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