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Skilled workers turn to digital CVs
Skilled workers turn to digital CVs

As another dark week of unemployment is reported in Australia, many skilled workers are embracing new resume technologies to improve their job prospects.

If you thought writing a CV, saving it on your computer, and emailing it to as many job adverts as possible was the best way to land a job, you're missing out on 90 per cent of the hidden job market.

Today's savvy job hunters create digital CVs, online webpages linked to search engines that allow thousands of companies to find your skills and make interview offers, whilst keeping your name, age, and gender private.

Australian technology is one such site, and this year alone has funnelled more than $15 million in annual salary equivalent of direct job offers to workers. That number is now steadily growing by 40 per cent each month.

"We have seen job offers go through for everything from skate park construction supervisors, to satellite engineers, charter boat tour guides, and truck drivers for wine vintage seasons, it really acts like your 24/7 private recruiter and you never know what interesting offer will pop up on your phone or email,” co-founder Dr Mike Haywood said.

Vance Dostal created a digital CV on the free site and within 36 hours he got a new job as a high voltage electrician.

“I was shocked at how quickly it happened to be honest, I completed my digital CV and within hours I was getting offers,” he said.

Dr Haywood has the following top tips for getting your digital CV in shape and working for you:

Be found. "Finishing your digital CV means it can work for you 24/7 like a private recruiter whilst you continue to look for employment."

Be smart. Seventy-five per cent of normal resumes don't make it past HR computer filters due to confusing formatting. Print your digital cv in pdf format if you are applying for jobs, to ensure it gets in front of a human.

Be honest. “Hiring managers want to know you are a perfect match. A digital CV puts you in front of thousands of employers, so be honest and the right job can find you.”

Be efficient. “Keep your descriptions concise and always avoid spelling errors.”

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