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Avocado growers enjoy boom times
Avocado growers enjoy boom times

South West avocado growers are flooding the Australian market with the fruit, according to Warren Blackwood producers.

Growers from across the region have experienced what has being described as their “best” season yet and will continue to receive good prices, according to Manjimup grower Jennie Franceschi.

Mrs Franceschi, the managing director of Advanced Packing and Marketing Services and the Avocado Export Company, said retailers had received a constant, high quality supply this season.

“In the past they’ve had a lot of fruit supplied from New Zealand, which can get held up in the system and is more likely to have problems, which causes the consumer to back off,” she said.

Mrs Franceschi said export into countries such as Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and the Middle East had also increased.

West Pemberton’s George Ipsen said the volume of fruit and high price combination was unusual.

“WA is currently supplying most of the Australian market,” he said.

“In 2012 the Manjimup-Pemberton area produced about $30 million worth of avocados, last year there was about $20m and this year I think it’ll be up around $60m.”

Mr Ipsen said the amount of avocado produced within WA had tripled to three million trays increased in the past 5-10 years.

Avocados Australia chief executive officer John Tyas said demand had been strong throughout summer, with support from an industry-funded promotion and orderlymarketing by fruit growers.

“Growers from the southern regions of Australia fill an important slot in the Australian market in summer and are expected to enjoy the high consumer demand for the rest of their season,” he said.