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Collie businesses mop up after flood
Sue Henninghan surveys the damage at her nursery in Collie

Businesses in Collie were picking up the pieces following the massive rainfall on Wednesday.

Collie received more than 135mm of rain on Wednesday, flooding the streets, businesses and velodrome.

Two of the worst-affected businesses were Retravision and Collie Garden Centre and both were closed on Thursday to clean up.

Retravision employee Tara Chappell said she was serving two customers on Wednesday when she noticed other customers were bringing barbecues inside.

“We would have lost a lot more stock if it wasn’t for the help of the customers,” she said.

Most of the damage was in the back room and was caused by the large roller door buckling because of waves caused by cars driving in the street.

Collie Retravision owner and manager Mal Humphryson had to stay overnight at the store because it could not be locked properly.

“We’re going to try and get a new locking system for the back doors so it can be sealed properly and water can’t get in,’’ he said.

Mr Humphryson said the store had never been so badly flooded and was partly due to the roof collapsing in a storm three weeks ago.

Retravision lost about 20 microwaves, and a couple of kettles, ovens and washing machines in the flood.

Around the corner, Collie Garden Centre was badly affected by the rainfall because a lot of the stock stays outside.

Many flowers and plants rotted away within 24 hours because of the excess rain and moisture.

All the electrical appliances inside the business — including owner Sue Hennighan’s laptop — were destroyed in the flood.

“We have been flooded before, but nothing as bad as this,’’ Mrs Hennighan said.

“Good thing is that we don’t have to water the plants today.’’

The nursery was closed on Thursday so the team at Collie Garden Centre could clean up and Mrs Hennighan said it was an awkward time for them to be closed.

“It is a bit difficult for this to be happening so close to Christmas,when we’re normally really busy,’’ she said.

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