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Forrest backs new Chinese leadership
Forrest backs new Chinese leadership

Australia should not take its relationship with China for granted, mining boss Andrew Forrest warns.

Mr Forrest said he had met with the new Chinese leadership and incoming president Xi Jinping on a number of occasions.

The Fortescue Metals Group founder said Mr Xi was a gentleman, had empathy with the Chinese people and his dream was to remove poverty in a major, measurable way for the people of China.

"That, to me, is true, is just and is a wonderful role for any leader," Mr Forrest told ABC Radio.

"He sees it as the economic tide which will float all the households, which will float all the boats in China.

"He intends to build up that economy to eradicate any major measurable poverty in China."

Mr Xi's dream to end poverty had to be great for Australia, Mr Forrest said.

"We need to knuckle down and take advantage of that opportunity and not let other countries supply those services and supply those resources, which they can, if we take that Chinese relationship for granted."

Australia had been a little picky and choosy about what it wanted from its relationship with China, Mr Forrest said.

"But I believe those times are gone."

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