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Young and old differ on e-book preferences
Amazon's Kindle e-reader.

A new survey says there's a generation gap among e-book fans.

Readers under 30 prefer mobile phones and computers. Those over 30 like dedicated devices such as the Kindle.

The Pew Research Centre's latest study focuses on young readers. Among e-book users surveyed, between ages 16-29, more than half read one on a desktop or laptop and around 40 per cent use a mobile phone. Around 25 per cent used an e-reader.

Among respondents 30 and older, 46 per cent preferred e-readers, just 25 per cent mobile phones.

According to the report, teen readers were less likely to read an e-book than those immediately older. Around 12 per cent of respondents aged 16-17 read an e-book over the past year, compared with 21 per cent for ages 18-24 and 25 per cent for ages 30-39.

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