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Amazing machine captivates
Amazing machine captivates

Vivien Yap is not your usual Ferrari 458 buyer, and for two reasons.

Obviously, being a woman is the first but the second point setting her apart from the other 11 people who bought new Ferraris in WA last year is that she doesn't drive it all that often. Her husband does, though. A lot.

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This 458 was a present for him.

"It's quite an amazing machine, although initially I wasn't an absolute Ferrari fan," the pharmacist-turned-real estate agent. "It's my husband. It was him who invited me to explore Ferrari as an option for us to have one at home."

She said that was several years ago, when she and her husband bought their first Ferrari. That was followed by a Ferrari California, which in turn was superceded by their 458 about seven months ago.

Since that first taste of the Ferrari mystique, Mrs Yap has developed a real appreciation for the prancing horse brand. Although she says she is nothing like the revhead her husband is.

"I was invited to drive it at the Barbagallo track day, and I was absolutely blown away when I could feel the handling of the car," Mrs Yap said.

She said the response from other road users to the 458 reaffirms how the general public feels about the legendary brand.

"It's just pure fascination," she said. "People say they're wowed by the car, and that's how I feel."

It's little wonder that the smaller members of the Yap family have also developed an appreciation for exotic Italian sports cars.

"They love it," Mrs Yap said. "They love being driven by Daddy or myself to school because they can show their friends.

"They've made us take their friends for little drives around the neighbourhood. My children absolutely adore cars."

So, were there any disappointments? "Not at all," Mrs Yap said. "It's bought us so much joy, for my husband and the children. It's just perfect."

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