Glencore to axe 500 jobs

Glencore to cut zinc output, axe jobs in Qld, NT, South America, Kazakhstan.

Best week on ASX in four years

Trust us on super: Morrison

Newly-crowned Treasurer Scott Morrison has indicated the government won't try to raise revenue from superannuation.

Push for 'micro' lot housing

Planners are pushing for 65sqm housing lots to be introduced in WA, saying there is demand for more affordable property.

  1. Web expert guilty of misuing cash

    Web expert guilty of misuing cash

    Oliver James Wood has been convicted by a jury of breaching his duties as a director.

  2. VW Australia confirms recall

    VW to recall 100,000 cars in Australia

    Volkswagen to launch recall of more than 90,000 local cars with emission-rigging software.

  3. Internet bills may fall soon

    Internet bills may drop after ACCC ruling

    After ACCC orders Telstra to cut the price it charges other telcos to access its network.

  4. Windward reviews Fraser Range

    Windward reviews Fraser Range

    Windward Resources chairwoman says explorer is considering pulling out of Fraser Range.

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