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Giant shark makes meal of $12k camera
The moment a 5.4m white shark devours the $12,000 camera. Picture: 360Hero/YouTube

Amazing footage has emerged of a giant great white shark making a meal of an experimental $12,000 GoPro camera in waters off New Zealand.

The Discovery Channel was capturing footage for its Shark Week series using the prototype 360Heros camera rig when the 5.4m beast appeared from the depths and ripped the camera from its boom.

Renowned cinematographer Andy Casagrande could only watch as the shark swallowed the 360-degree camera before spitting it out and sending it to the bottom of the ocean.

The incredible scene was captured on a separate camera.

Giant shark makes meal of $12,000 camera. Picture: 360Hero/YouTube

Casagrande later sent 360Heros' founder Michael Kinter an email explaining what had happened to the company's expensive camera rig.

"Mike – I unfortunately have very bad news - a picture says a thousand words - see attached - I can't believe it but the worst possible scenario happened yesterday ... I took the rig underwater and after an hour of getting awesome footage - I pushed the envelope too far & an aggressive white shark bit & literally ate the 360 - completely - all 6 cameras in one bite."

A $5000 reward is being offered for the return of the equipment.

Morning news break - September 5

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