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Toddler s Ice Bucket Challenge shocks the internet
Toddler's Ice Bucket Challenge shocks the internet

Throwing a bucket of ice on a toddler is enough to shock people around the world, but it's what this little girl said after that has people talking.

Scarlett-Rose is reportedly the youngest person to participate in the Ice Bucket Challenge at the age of 3, and reportedly begged her parents to take part.


The video shows her sitting in a plastic chair babbling away until the chilly water is dumped on her and she suddenly drops the F-bomb, much to the shock of online users.

The video has had a mixed reaction with some condemning the parents while others have been able to find the funny side.

The girl's grandmother was reportedly horrified by her grandaughter's language.

'I couldn't believe it when she came out with that language.

'She has picked up a few bad words when we have gone out for meals or into town.

'Children have brains like sponges and I can't stop it. But she does know it's wrong,' she told the Daily Mail.


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